Chocolate bar photos by Courtney Price Photography


                      Fresco Chocolate bars

About Binary Recording Studio

Bob Ridgley owner of Binary Studio has created documentaries, projects for MTV, Broadcast, independent films, various corporate TV commercials and private ventures.
He produced and directed the pioneering snowboard feature film "Baked" that was recently showcased at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver BC. 
He has been an instructor at Northwest Film School and the Western Washington Univ.Film program. 
Received the Mary Pickford Independent Film Award in 2005 for his tireless support of independent filmmaking in Northwest Washington, received the Mayor's Arts Award 2010 for film and has received many film festival awards
Currently has a film out called "American Collectors" which PBS is broadcasting. A children's film series called "A Boy's Journey" and have produced over 48 short narrative films.
Signed contract with 16 top cable systems ( Netflixs,AT&T,Verizon, Charter, etc..) for distribution of film for Video on Demand. Working on two new documentaries and just released a film called " It's good to be home" for an independent film group that screened for the We Day Festival, Seattle Key arena 15000+ people.

The Bean to Bar film covers how the artisans make their chocolate from the cacao bean.

Some of the topics covered in the film.

  1. Growing the cacao, Bob Cooper from Kona Hawaii walks us through his plantation.
  2. Fermenting the beans, different methods of sweating the cacao beans
  3. Drying the beans, different methods used.
  4. Snorting the beans, removing unwanted material 
  5. Roasting, one of the most important parts of developing flavor.
  6. Winnowing, removing the shell of the bean
  7. Mellanger, grinding the cacao nibs
  8. Roll mill, developing the texture
  9. Conche, developing the texture and aerating.
  10. A short history of chocolate.
  11. Fair Trade, Direct Trade, defining a artisan chocolate maker.

Chocolate makers in the film:

Steve DeVries Chocolate

Art Pollard, Amano Chocolate

Rob Anderson, Fresco Chocolate

Erin Andrews, indi Chocolate

Rob and Anna, Ritual Chocolate

AJ Wentworth, Chocolate Conspriacy

Lauren Alder, Chocoloplis

Kristy Lessile, Dr. Chocolate

Bob Copper, Original Hawaiian Chocolate

Chloe' Doutre-Roussel  website

​Joe Whinney, Theo Chocolate

Nathan Royston, Theo Chocolate